We offer a wide variety of shipping boxes that are approved by the UPS shipping standards.

Shipping Boxes

The box sizes in inches are:

4x4x4, 6x4x4, 6x6x6, 8x6x6, 8x8x8, 9x9x9, 10x10x10, 12x10x6, 12x12x12, 14x14x6, 19x12x3, 14x14x14, 16x12x12, 18x12x12, 18x14x12, 20x12x8, 20x14x12, 22x14x12, 48x6x6, 36x9x9, 60x4x4, 24x14x12, 16x16x12, 16x16x16, 18x18x12, 18x18x18, 20x20x12, 20x20x20, 24x18x12, 30x17x16, 24x10x31, 24x24x24, 26x20x20, 30x30x16, 35x22x22, 36x20x20, 48x10x10, 48x15x15

Picture Boxes:

36×5.5×29, 30x6x24, 24x6x18, 36x5x46, 25x6x40, 32x6x42, 36x8x30, 53x7x30